Magnetic Coagulation and Precipitation Technologies

Technical introduction:

"Magnetic coagulation and precipitation technology" is introduce "loading" material in the traditional coagulation and sedimentation separation process. On the basis of traditional flocculation bridge to remove particulate matter, magnetic "loaders" were introduced to enhance the flocculation effect and improve the removal rate of suspended matter and macromolecular organic matter in water.

There are two main magnetic separation technology in the market, one is magnetic precipitation type, one is disk type. Group technology adopts magnetic precipitation type. Magnetic precipitation is the use of precipitation to achieve solid-liquid separation.


Technical Advantages:

>  Process simple, easy to operate

>  The sedimentation rate is 20-50 times that of traditional flocculation

>  Good flocculation effect, can effectively remove suspended matter, turbidity, algae and macromolecular organic matter, petroleum, etc

>  The separation effect is good and the water is clear and transparent after treatment

>  The loadings can be recycled and recycled with low operation cost

>  The residence time is short, the hydraulic residence time of the system is only about 10 minutes, and the device is small;

>  Small occupied area, less investment.

Equipment form:

Engineering photo: