TENS integrates water treatment technology

Technology Introduction:

Through the further improvement and optimization of traditional processes, the group has independently developed a new type of integrated sewage treatment technology/device -- -TENS series integrated sewage treatment technology/device, which has been applied in practical projects and achieved good results. The technology/device can effectively remove the SS, TP and COD in the wastewater, heavy metal, petroleum, calcium and magnesium hardness, etc., make the wastewater discharge or meet the reuse standard.

Technical Advantages:

>  Integrated equipment, short process route, high degree of operation automation;

>  Low operating cost, independently developed wastewater treatment efficient compound reagent, according to the type of wastewater and specific water quality for the proportion and production, treatment efficiency is higher;

>  By introducing TenS heavy medium, the reagents and pollutant reaction format solids have high sedimentation separation speed, treatment effect is obvious;

>  The occupied area is 1/20-1/10 of the traditional process area;

>  The water quality of effluent is high, TP as low as 0.05mg/L, SS as low as 5mg/L, Turbidity is less than 1NTU, heavy metal is as low as 0.05mg/L, petroleum is as low as 10mg/L, and hardness is as low as 15mg/L, COD removal rate can reach 10%-70% according to specific water quality.

 The application case:

Oil field production wastewater treatment

 Wastewater treatment containing heavy metals

Total phosphorus in municipal or industrial wastewater is below standard

Remove hardness before film