Reverse osmosis concentrated water reuse technology

Technology Introduction:

Reverse osmosis concentrated water reuse uses the group's ERD-Smart intelligent system. ERD-Smart is a set of energy saving and emission reduction device with basically no energy consumption. The residual pressure of the original RO equipment is used to realize the energy saving recovery of water. The ERD-Smart produced water can be recycled to the original water tank, ultrafiltration water tank or RO water tank (according to the user's water acceptance level) according to the situation, so as to achieve the purpose of water saving and realize the real significance of energy saving and emission reduction.

Technical Advantages:

>  The investment is small, and has quick effect

Concentrated water recovery technology does not require other power equipment, dosing equipment. Conventional methods of recovering concentrated water require addition of concentrated water tank, booster pump, safety filter, high pressure pump and dosing device.

>  Easy to operate and does not affect the normal operation of the original reverse osmosis system

The system only needs to connect a bypass in the reverse osmosis concentrated water pipe, when requires concentrated water recovery, open the bypass valve, if not just close the bypass valve, It is very simple and easy to operate.

>  Short construction period

The reconstruction period of the system is very short, because the device is a complete set of equipment, we will transport the whole device to the site after completion, place it on the upper part of the existing reverse osmosis, and connect with the concentrated water inlet, without any other construction work.

>  Can use the original cleaning and rinsing equipment

Concentrated water recovery technology does not require separate cleaning and washing equipment, only the use of the original cleaning equipment washing equipment.

>  Low operating cost

Concentrated water recovery technology dose not require pumps, no additional energy generation, and almost no operating costs.

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