Automatic Maintenance-Free Precision Filtration Technology

Technical introduction:

In view of the shortcomings of traditional quartz sand, activated carbon and other filters that are commonly used at present, such as regeneration, off-machine cleaning and large amount of cleaning water, the Group has introduced the latest foreign technology and combined with many years of field experience, developed a fully automatic maintenance-free precision filter, which is highly efficient. The maintenance automatic filter is a large-capacity filtration device that can perform ultra-high-speed processing operations.

The technology uses filter material without regeneration or off-machine cleaning, and the cleaning water does not use filtered water, which can greatly improve the filtration efficiency, replacing all existing precision filters (activated carbon, quartz sand), especially for quartz sand filtration and filtration. The speed is 4~5 times that of the traditional filter. Optimize the effluent quality.

Application Range:

>  Municipal or enterprise sewage upgrading and reconstruction

>  Basin treatment and water purification project

>  Industrial circulating water filtration system

>  Pretreatment of reverse osmosis system

Technical Advantages:

>  The filter material has the fluidity, one-time investment, 5-10 years without replacement

>  The graphene filter material has three-dimensional pores and good deep filtration effect

>  Backflush saves water and time

>  compact structure, it takes relatively small space


Equipment photo: