HS-Bio Biochemical Reactor

This product is jointly developed by our company and famous universities at home and abroad. It has a special structure and is made of special materials with high salt resistance imported from Germany. During operation, biochemical parameters such as DO, PH and temperature are precisely and strictly controlled to provide an adaptive environment for special HS-BIO bacteria species, so as to effectively remove COD and BOD in high-salt organic wastewater with a removal rate of over 90% and realize further reuse and zero discharge of sewage.

Reaction Diagram

Particles Strains 

Product Features:

>  Compared with the conventional biochemical process, the salinity of the treated sewage can be up to 3%

>  As a pretreatment process with high salinity and zero discharge, the cost is lower than that of physicochemical method

>  compact structure, it takes relatively small space

>  Automatic and precise control of operation parameters, saving time and effort

>  Advanced technology can solve the problem of waste water which cannot be treated by conventional technology

Application Fields:

>  High salt organic wastewater from fermentation industry

>  Pickle processing wastewater

>  Wastewater from seafood farming

>  Wastewater from food curing industry

>  Other industries such as pharmaceutical/chemical/high salt organic wastewater