Efficient Automatic Maintenance-free Filter

EMF automatic filter is a kind of high-capacity filter equipment that can be used for ultra-high speed processing. It makes up for the shortcomings of the filters commonly used at present and can greatly improve the filtration efficiency. It is a new type of filter equipment with the main purpose of removing SS, COD, TP, water.

Application Fields:

>  Municipal sewage treatment plant upgrading and reconstruction

>  Basin treatment water purification project 

>  Various industrial circulating water filtration treatment systems

>  Pretreatment of reverse osmosis system

Product Features:

>  The filter material has the fluidity, one-time investment, 5-10 years without replacement

>  The graphene filter material has three-dimensional pores and good deep filtration effect

>  Backflush saves water and time

>  compact structure, it takes relatively small space

Contrast with Traditional Filters: