High Salt Organic Wastewater HSOB Biological Treatment Technology

Technical introduction:

The HS-Bio biochemical reactor developed by the group can use biological method to treat high-salt organic wastewater, effectively remove COD and BOD of high-salt organic wastewater, and the removal rate can reach more than 90% to ensure the further reuse and zero discharge of sewage.

Application range:

> Fermentation industry high salt organic wastewater treatment

> Wastewater treatment in kimchi and pickled food industry

> High-salt organic wastewater treatment in some pharmaceutical, chemical, coking and other industr

Species appearance:

Technical Advantages:

>  Compared with conventional biochemical process, it is more resistant to high salt, and the salt content of wastewater can be up to 3%.

>  As a zero discharge pretreatment process for high salinity organic wastewater, the cost is lower than that of physicochemical method.

>  Integrated device,  smaller area occupied.

>  Operation can be automated and precise control, efficient and economical.

Engineering photo: